Making the model for Rex

Posted by Coyote3D on May 24, 2010

Well I have a very basic story as posted already.

I am currently working on making the models.

I’m not sure if I really like modeling, I have never been good at drawing or the like. I will look at two objects, but not really be able to tell the difference, so first I wiped up a quick model of what I think Rex may look like. I am using a basic of a Triceratops, but that doesn’t actually mean that this is what Rex will be or behave like.

The first model was made using Zsperes in Zbrush. Apart from the nose, it kind of what I had in mind. The ‘frilly’ part around the neck that the triceratops has I plan to add latter with some sculpting.

Rex, first draft

Personally I was looking at my various reference photos, and looking at Rex above, and I though, yes, time to get onto the next step, but I’m afraid I was told I’m wrong. Poor wee Rex is going to need a lot more modeling before the instructor is going to tell me what is next in my work-flow.

I need to beef him up a little, work on his proportions, and a lot of other stuff.

I have started working on these things now, though I’m not sure how much progress I am making, as I said, drawing, knowing what needs working on, etc., isn’t (currently) my strong point, so back to Zbrush, and a little (lot?) more work needed.

Just to leave you with what extra progress I have made since then…

Rex, draft number 2

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