Walking into a Concrete Beam

Posted by Coyote3D on May 31, 2010

Walking into a concrete beam may look funny in a cartoon, maybe I’ll do it one day, but actually dong it is really painful.

The reason I bring up this strange topic is that its a large part of the reason I haven’t done any work this weekend, and probably won’t today either.

To tell the truth, Saturday I did nothing for the good old tried and true reason, which is I’m lazy I guess. But on Sunday, about lunchtime, while showing the Real Estate agent our basement (my landlord is selling the flat on me, so I need to move sooner or latter), I turned, and without looking, walked out the door, straight into the low hanging beam.

Well after not feeling very well for the afternoon, I eventually went down to the Doctors at A&E, and they said I probably suffered a mild concusion. They did soem checks, you know, eye diliation, hand/eye cordination, vision, etc, and weren’t to worried, but advised using a bunch of painkillers for a few days until it stops hurting, but to return to them the next day if I’m still dizzy or if my vision is still out.

Well everything is normal apart from the headaces now, but I skipped class, as three hours of stearing at a screen with a sore head didn’t seem very appealing. Probably won’t do much here at home either. I may log onto the site and post a story idea I have sitting on my phone. When ever I come up with a little idea for a animation or something, I save it on my phone, so I have a few which I suppose I should share with the site.

Have a good day, and unless you are a cartoon, don’t walk into beams 🙂

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