Posted by Coyote3D on June 28, 2010

Still not much to report.

Instead of working on my 3D recently I’ve been moving flat because the landlord sold the place I was living in.

We now have a new place, and we have done most of the moving. I now have muscles which ache which I didn’t even know I actually had.

I even skipped class this morning as I was so had-it once I finished. Also everything is a mess, and I have no idea where my tablet, my notes, or my portable hard drive with my work is. It won’t be far, plus I have backups, but put all those factors together, and when my alarm went off this morning, I kind of laughed and went back to sleep.

On Wednesday, the tutor is hoping to see a one paragraph description of what my project is going to be for next term (this term finishes this Friday).

The paragraph doesn’t have to be submitted until the second week of next term, so this is just a ‘how does this sound’ kind of meeting.

Either way, maybe a post in a few days, and if not, I will try to post another animation idea from my list.


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