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Posted by Coyote3D on May 24, 2010

Ok, My current idea is about a little dinosaur. I started the idea before I started the site, so while what I have so far isn’t very developed yet, it isn’t starting from stratch.

Before I can tell you about the parts I have been working on right now, which are starting to make me pull my hair out (which is pretty hard since I got a #1 last night), I will just lay down the last thing I have typed up about the story to give a quick introduction to it.

Note, spelling isn’t my strong area, and if that is really an issue for you, some of these posts may be a little hard to read, as they are my first drafts, working drafts, etc., so I’m probably not going to go to a lot of trouble to make them more readable than they need to, sorry.

Note2: I am putting this under the “Story Ideas” category, even thou it isn’t just the start of the story. This is jsut to make sure nobody misses it if they are jsut checking out the story archives. I am also filing it under “Work In Progress”, as that is where it really belongs at this stage.

Animation idea: Rex the dinosaur

Character story


Rex is our main character. He is to be some sort of young dinosaur, though his look hasn’t been completely thrashed out yet.

He is young and energetic, so his movements will be bouncy and quick. He is not a slow moving creature, and even though he may have some mass, this won’t be a aspect of his movement, as he is young, so still light on his feet.

The world is still new, interesting and unknown to him. He is out exploring, trying to figure out what his place is, and looking for food. While he is (probably) a predator, at this stage he doesn’t understand much about what is out there. He isn’t a nasty/scary hunter, rather a hungry curious child.

With respect to his age, there is no appearance or mention of his family, but it isn’t an aspect of him he acts on. He isn’t out looking for his family, he doesn’t go home and ask for instructions, or get told off, he is out on his own, but doesn’t feel abandoned or have any reservations there.

Other creatures he meets he doesn’t understand if they are friend, foe or food, he is here to learn the hard way.

Large Grass eating dinosaur

The first creature Rex will probably meet, and try to eat is a large herbivore. It is large, slow, and just going about its business. While this creature would be worried and act against any large predator, Rex is too small to pay attention, It is more like a bird sitting on the back of a herd animal, maybe annoying, but not something to be directly acted on on most accounts

Ugly Birds

Young ones

The Ugly birds that Rex is fighting with are newly hatched birds. Some of there nest is still filled with other unhatched eggs. The entire world as far as they are concerned is their little nest, and the other eggs are their siblings. If anything large comes near, they duck and try to hide, if anything small comes near, they try to scare it away from their world, since they don’t know what it is, and to them their nest is the world. Their mother leaves and comes back with food, but they don’t know where she goes, they don’t want to follow, they just want her to come back as soon as possible, preferably with food.

Big One

The big bird is a mother bird, at this stage she is just trying to gather enough food to feed her chicks, and is probably relying on the location of the nest as its best protection, since she is unable to guard it and also scavenge for food.

Cheeky animal

The cheeky animal I haven’t developed much. It doesn’t need to hunt all day to feed itself, so its life will contain a lot of sleep and the rest of the time it will be trying to amuse itself. In this case it is playing jokes on Rex as it believes it is smarter/faster, and doesn’t really believe it is in any danger from Rex, so he is just a toy for it to play with. It isn’t playing a cat & mouse game, it really is just enjoying its life.



The general environment is in the past, prehistoric type times. While there may be a crossover with the time of the cave men, mostly it is a land of creatures, swamps, desert and volcanoes. There are no artificially built settlements, just terrain. It probably has more of a desert feel to it than a jungle, like being in Arizona maybe. A few trees, but not huge ones, and not many. There are patches of water, mainly pools, and around this area there will be a little more plant life, but this is more the exception.


The next is probably on a ledge or somewhere which is slightly defended by its position. The nest is made of twigs mainly. Dried and brown, now wet or green. There is no green in the nest, but there maybe some sort of lining on the inside, probably some type of white type fluff. Can’t explain why or how, maybe feathers or something.

Rex’s cave

Rex’s cave is pretty bland. He hasn’t developed it, and there is nothing of interest. Maybe a few bones to explain/infer that he is a carnivore rather than a herbivore.


Scenario 1:

Little dinosaur bounding along over rocks, grass, etc. Opens mouth, fangs come out, takes a dive, then is seen hanging on to the side of a large scale. Scene starts moving to the left, zoom back to see Rex hanging onto the side of a huge dinosaur

Scenario 2:

Rex is having a fight with a bunch of ugly birds (babies), all of a sudden he is yanked up, zooming back, Rex is being held by the tail as a huge bird flies out over various terrain.

Maybe start this scene with a larger creature wandering up to the nest and wandering off with an egg with no resistance, and then have Rex looking like he has just come up with a smart idea.

Scenario 3:

Rex is sitting in a dark cave when he sees a bleeding animal just outside the entrance, in the sun. Rex runs out, gets burnt and runs back inside. Next he tries to reach it with his teeth, but too far and gets burnt, tries other methods; such as catching it with a branch, hiding under a blanket/bucket, etc. Finally the creature gets up, sniggers, grabs a bottle of tomato sauce, licks the sauce off, and wanders off.

Need to retool this scenario as it is hard to explain a vampiric dinosaur. Maybe just a creature or some sort of food in an otherwise hard to reach position, giving the opportunity for Rex to try investigate methods to reach the goal.

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