The Robot that could

Posted by Coyote3D on January 30, 2012

Art hour lasted a little longer than an hour this evening. That is good, I am getting into it.

Todays scene has the robot from last time, but this time he is in a room, a man (stick figure) walks across (slides) the room, out the door, before our little chap gets into action.

I am still doing nearly all my work in object mode, so soon it is time to go looking for some more tutorials, and start doing some modeling rather than just using primitive objects for all of my work.

The result is below (ok, will be in a few minutes, still rendering out currently).
OK, that took longer than expected, had to try a few different formats to not lose all of the quality due to compression, but here it is…

Next, it needs some texture for the wallpaper.

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