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Still working

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

I haven’t made any update posts for a while.

I have to hand my project in next Friday, so i have been busy working on getting something to hand in.

This won’t be the end of this particular project, as I will probably re-do it, and complete it better next year, using different software I want to learn.

My status is…

All primary and secondary models completed (sculpted, rigged, textured). Landscape completed for now (if I get extra time, I may touch it up, but it is sort of having the feeling I was after when I first envisioned my project).

I am now in the middle of putting scenes together to carry the story through. At present I have 8 scenes completed (though two need re-working if I have time), adding up to 490 frames (19.6s at 25fps).

Below is a quick flash render of the current project. As I said, still needs a few scenes to make the story and timing work.

You need to click on it to download and start it.

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Yes, I’ll post something next weekend after I have handed in something. And then it will probably be next year before I return to the project, with a different software package.

Predator with Teeth

Thursday, October 14th, 2010


The holiday is over, so I’m back on task now.

Looking at my predator, I decided that he really was missing an important feature, teeth!

I’ve gone and added some now. And yes, if you look, they are all actually the same tooth, just placed in different locations and adjusted in size a little. If I need to custom design each tooth, I will, but I don’t think that will be necessary at the stage for a carton.

(wip) Predator with Teeth

(wip) Predator with Teeth

Just one quick note; The image was supposed to have five teeth on each side of the lower jaw, and four on each side of the upper Jaw, but for some reason a few of the teeth didn’t come across from zbrush to maya when I used the goZ function… will have to either look into that, or do it manaually.


Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Nothing interesting to report today, but I decided I would anyhow (sorry).

I spent a few hours watching some videos on basic rigging (in Maya), even though I’m not really ready for that yet. Tutor jsut thought it would be good to get my mind off of modeling for a short time as it is causing me so many headaches.

While I will probably have to watch the videos again before I actually try anything serious, it was interesting, and a break from my dino, which looks like a hippo. What did I pick up? Well there is a lot to it, if the bones are straight IK won’t know which way to go, and natuarally they aren’t real bones, so don’t put them all in. I suspect it will come a lot more clearer when I finish the videos and maybe give it a quick try.

Why does he look like a hippo

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

What a day. Got soaked going to class today, so I was freezing. Turned the heater way up when I got home to compensate.

Still working on Rex the main character. I think his proportions are looking a bit better, but I am having problems with his head. Working on him, he keeps looking a bit like a hippo rather than a Triceratops. I suspect they probably to look a little similar. Since I haven’t added Rex’s ‘frilly’ neck part yet. Maybe he will start looking a bit different when I add that. I’ve moved his front horn a little further up his snout, away from the end, I think this helped a little. I suspect a bit of texture to make his horns look a different colour to his body would help as well, but I’m not ready to even look at textures yet, maybe I should just give him a quick disposable poly-paint or something.

Thought I would post him either way.

Most of the work is still being done is Zbrush, but I had problems with him not being aligned correctly, so I exported his model to Maya to align him with the axis, and then back to Zbrush, so I took this quick render from Maya.

Rex, is not a hippo

Rex, not supposed to be a hippo