This is my about page.

Right now it is going to be a place keeper, with a few notes.

Later I will add stuff like correct spelling, more details, etc., right now I just want to change it from the WordPress default page.


I’m Max, and I’m planning on using the user handle Coyote3D

First I suppose I should explain Handle

Well I always liked cartoons, and always thought it would be fantastic to be able to make them. One of the characters I used to like was poor old “Wile E. Coyote”. Poor chap, no matter how good (or bad) his plans were, he always failed. Now some may think that choosing a failure of a big bad wolf as your identity seems a bit off, but the thing you have to remember is that he never gave up, he just kept trying to achieve his goal, so maybe he wasn’t that bad of a role model after all.

As for why I chose Coyote3D, well if you do a Internet search for Coyote, well the name pop’s up everywhere. Wanting to make an identity for myself, I need something slightly different. Searching for Coyote3D on the other hand, you hardly get anything, and I definitely couldn’t find any reference for somebody using it for a nick name in the cg field at present, so I chose it.

Naturally I know that the old Road Runner series wasn’t 3D, but we’re looking forward into the future here after all.

Why chose a .NAME domain

I suppose you are wondering why I chose the website Coyote3D.NAME

To tell you the truth I was just trying to use the correct extension for once.

It seems that in a lot of cases, most people just grab the .COM extension if they can, and next they just go for .NET, .ORG, .WHATEVER until they get the name they want. I could have done that I suppose, and it would have been reasonably easy as well. Currently the .COM seems to be registered, but there is nothing on it, so maybe I could have bought that, and after that, no other extensions were registered, so I could have grabbed any or all of them, but I decided to take the weird choice of choosing the extension on (as far as I can tell) the correct naming criteria.

This website is about me, its about my identity as Coyote3D, it isn’t a commercial site, I have a domain for that if I wish to go that way, it isn’t a network site, I’m not an organization or business. I was considering the .INFO domain, but that seems more 3rd party facts, where as I just want this site to be about me. Maybe a few ravings, like this about is going to be until I patch it up with a well made one. I will put a few bits of work up now and then. Not necessarily the best I can do, just something I may be working on, maybe I will just want to blow off a little steam and put up some work and say, this is terrible, I’m having problems with it. Maybe I will forget to update the page for three months, and maybe that is in fact a good reflection of who I am.

All of those reasons listed is why I chose the .NAME extension. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I should have gone for the .NET, maybe I should have tried to get the .COM, but this site is about me, and that sounds like the intended use for .NAME. Plus I’ve never actually been to, or registered a .NAME domain before this, so maybe I just couldn’t help myself and have a little look. After all it only cost me a little more than a .COM or .NET would have.

Software of preference

I’m doing computer graphics, so I suppose people are going to be asking what software do I prefer? I can’t really answer that at present. I am just a student at a course right now, so the software I use is Autodesk Maya2010, and Zbrush (3.5r3). Are these my preferences? Without having used other stuff it is hard to say if I prefer them. Currently i have to use them as that is what the course requires. I have used a tiny bit of Blender in the past. I’m not using it now, as I am concentrating on the course. I don’t know if I will go back to it, but that decision will be made after I finish the course. Maybe I will start another course, who knows.

So sorry, I can’t really answer my software preferences question very fairly at present. Maybe once I’ve been doing this for three or four years I will be set in my ways, but when I start, I need to look, learn, try, fail, try again, pull my hair out, and try again.

Who Am I?

I suppose the last question, or maybe it should have been the first, is who am I?

You can call me Coyote3D, or you can call me Max.

I’m not a cg artist, but I would like to be. I’m a guy who drives buses for a living, but thinks it would be cool to be able to do some of the stuff you see on TV. I’m married and I live in Dunedin, New Zealand, and I’m just starting…



Last modified on May 21, 2010

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  1. Dad Says:

    so the World stops on 14 Dec 2010?

  2. Coyote3D Says:

    Been slack, but my beekeeping blog is more active at http://www.southbees.com

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