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Posted by Coyote3D on September 11, 2011


I’ve got a confession. I really want to be good at 3D, but I just don’t put any effort into it.

You probably think this means I just do the odd thing now and then, but no, it actually means I do nothing.

I haven’t touched a 3D package since November last year apart from today.

I spend a few minutes with blender. I opened it up, realised it had been two years since I had actually looked at blender, and that I had forgotten everything I had learned from the course last year. To top it off, I couldn’t remember any of the blender commands, so it took me like the first 5 minutes to remember how to rotate the screen again, and make a new box (it starts with a box).

Once I had that figured, moving around the screen, making boxes, and moving them around in 3D space again, I added another box, parented them to the first box, had them rotate around in circles as the time line advanced, and then added three more boxes.

The end result was terrible. It was supposed to be, and I suppose it was, a very simple robot that wobbled and moved through the screen, while some of its knobs rotated on its chest.

Even though, I was happy, it was the first thing I had done in 10 months, and it was the first thing I had done in blender in 2 years.

I forgot to add lights, so there was just the default. I didn’t add any textures, and I even forgot to point the camera at the scene. So it was just by blind chance (and because the first box was in frame) that any of the actual animation was in the camera at all. It then proceeded to move out of camera, with shadows all over it, but I was still happy, because it was more than I had done for ages.

I will post it. Not because it is good, not because I want people to tell me what I did wrong (trust me, I know my errors), but because it is something, and something is better than nothing.

I can’t post it right now, as I am about to start something (no, not more 3D), and it was done on a different computer than I am posting on now, but I will post it.

I am thinking maybe next time I will make a car, just as simple, just as basic, and then maybe put them both in the same scene, and maybe I will even remember about the camera.

This may happen, but it took me 10 months to post this much, so you never know.

either way, I AM BACK! (maybe)

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