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Posted by Coyote3D on May 24, 2016

When I say work in progress (wip), the only work so far is the idea for a picture, and now this post to try and encourage myself to work on it.


I was dreaming the other night, or maybe I was just day dreaming in bed, but I came up with the idea for a picture I would like to work on.


The image that formed in my mind was of a creature reaching out of dark water, (clawed) hand reaching towards the sky.


The creature had hair of wavering tentailed-like hair. Less of the snakes like the classic Medusa, but rather more like eels, watery and smooth.


His body seemed rather smooth, but his arms had small scales on the outer facing sides of them.


His face was containing all the classic facial features, but they were irregular in appearance.


I hope to slowly work more on defining the image in my head, and then even more slowly start to create it.


While I picture the scene as a 2d image, I suspect I will work on it using 3d tools, as these are what I prefer, and also means I can concentrate more on the composition of the objects in the scene at first, and then at a later stage focus on the staging and actual composition of the scene itself.


Wish me luck, as can be seen from my post history, it has been a long time since I have attempted any work.

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