Why does he look like a hippo

Posted by Coyote3D on May 25, 2010

What a day. Got soaked going to class today, so I was freezing. Turned the heater way up when I got home to compensate.

Still working on Rex the main character. I think his proportions are looking a bit better, but I am having problems with his head. Working on him, he keeps looking a bit like a hippo rather than a Triceratops. I suspect they probably to look a little similar. Since I haven’t added Rex’s ‘frilly’ neck part yet. Maybe he will start looking a bit different when I add that. I’ve moved his front horn a little further up his snout, away from the end, I think this helped a little. I suspect a bit of texture to make his horns look a different colour to his body would help as well, but I’m not ready to even look at textures yet, maybe I should just give him a quick disposable poly-paint or something.

Thought I would post him either way.

Most of the work is still being done is Zbrush, but I had problems with him not being aligned correctly, so I exported his model to Maya to align him with the axis, and then back to Zbrush, so I took this quick render from Maya.

Rex, is not a hippo

Rex, not supposed to be a hippo

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