Grumpy Garden Gnome

Posted by Coyote3D on June 18, 2010

Hi, haven’t updated the site for a while, thought I’d post a quick idea I had, just to have something new here…

A grumpy looking garden gnome wakes up as the sun rises, starts to smile, goes into the house through the cat door, struggles to get a piece of bread out of the bag, maybe bounces on the bag a couple of times to get it out. Toasts the bread, spreads butter & peanut butter on it, with a big smile is about to eat it, but then somebody comes in. He hides, they yell thanks to somebody out of scene, wandering off with the toast. The Gnome, still smiling comes out, finds his toast is gone, he reverts back to his original grumpy face as he marchs back to where he originally was and goes back to sleep.

Can include things like him trying to climb stairs, and onto the table, maybe trying to sneak past cat, etc.

May try to use the jug cord as a lasso buy end up hitting himself in the head with the plug for his efforts

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