Project approved, development of story board started

Posted by Coyote3D on July 21, 2010

Hi, a few things have happened since my last update;
1: My Paragraph/Proposal has been approved, so I am now officially working on it,
2: I have started working on my story board,
3: I have done some more work on the large Plant eater, and it is looking a lot better.

I can’t show you the work on the plant eater right now as it is on a different system. Maybe tonight or tomorrow.

I have already posted my proposed proposal, the only difference now is that it is my official proposal for a story, rather than my proposed proposal.

As for the storyboard, I have started working on it. It is currently 21 pages/slides I believe. I started doing it with the tablet, drawing some ideas, and then writing the notes in on the same page using the tablet, but once I finished the first draft, I realised that my writing with the tablet is really hard to read, and also often I wanted to put in more notes, but didn’t, not because I didn’t have more to say, but I couldn’t fit them in how I was writing them, so I decided to throw them all into Open Office Impress, with each slide having the drawn image on the top, and the bottom of the page having typed notes.

This is a much better system, as I can write better notes, and it will be much easier to update the notes as time goes on and the storyboard gets more development on it.

I never erased the original hand written notes on the images, though it is on my to-do list.

In case you are interest in how the storyboard stands currently, you can ready download and view it below. It is just a PDF file, so just about every body out on the Internet these days should be able to read it once they’ve downloaded it.

Storyboard for Rex project, as of 21/July

Hope you understand it, as I said, pay more attention to the notes under each image, rather than the notes on the images, they should be the same, but expended, and easier to read 🙂

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