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Posted by Coyote3D on July 31, 2010

Well, I have a few models I need to create for my little short, so I decided that I may as well put an hour or so into it this afternoon.

Well, I wasn’t as good as I was hoping, and didn’t quite make the one hour mark, hopefully I will be better next session.

Either way I thought I would start working on the base model of the little chicks which are defending their nest and fighting Rex.

Below is what I have made sofar;

(wip) Chick

(wip) Chick

The properties I am trying to achieve with this model are;
– large beak to use for a range of expression
– noticeable eyebrows, also for expression
– torso to have classic frozen chicken shape, but not to noticeable

When the model is finished, it will probably have a light covering of fur, and some bald (probably pinkish) spots.

At present it has arm ‘polls’ sticking out of the torso, as I need to decide a little latter what the arms/wings are going to look like, so I just put them in there for a place holder, and to give me some polys to work on when I decide what I want them to look like.

While it isn’t fantastic, I am starting to be able to get from my mind onto the computer the basic model shape a little quicker now. I guess practice really does help 🙂

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