Posted by Coyote3D on September 10, 2010

Hi, two posts today.

Looking at the last post, the title was tired, and my wife said this time she thinks the title should be lazy, and well you don’t want to disagree with your better half, so the title is lazy.

The report is that I really haven’t done much since last time I posted. Last week and last weekend I was busy with a bee-keeping course, and this week I really wasn’t feeling good.

And my wife also reminds me I may have spend a little time playing xbox rather than sculpting, but that doesn’t take any thinking, so I reckon that’s an OK excuse.

Either way, this post is just to say, sorry, not much progress, nothing to post right now.

Since there is nothing to post, I am doing a post right after this with another story idea, just to have something fresh on the site, so I will start writing that now…

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