Predator with Teeth

Posted by Coyote3D on October 14, 2010


The holiday is over, so I’m back on task now.

Looking at my predator, I decided that he really was missing an important feature, teeth!

I’ve gone and added some now. And yes, if you look, they are all actually the same tooth, just placed in different locations and adjusted in size a little. If I need to custom design each tooth, I will, but I don’t think that will be necessary at the stage for a carton.

(wip) Predator with Teeth

(wip) Predator with Teeth

Just one quick note; The image was supposed to have five teeth on each side of the lower jaw, and four on each side of the upper Jaw, but for some reason a few of the teeth didn’t come across from zbrush to maya when I used the goZ function… will have to either look into that, or do it manaually.

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